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Introduction of Sports Field Type: AG FG TF IC

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Firm Ground:

SUITABLE FOR: Firm, dry, normal grass surfaces that may often be wet or advanced.

DESIGNED FOR: Acceleration, comfort and increased traction.

USUALLY: Moulded (fixed) and conical or bladed in shape.

Boots with Firm Ground: soleplates are only to be attached to natural short-grass surfaces that is certainly firm underfoot but can be slightly wet. Designed particularly for this playing surface, they feature acceleration, comfort and enhanced traction, dispersing stud pressure consistently across the foot.

FG soleplates are fixed (not removable) and are used worldwide; wetter countries tend to use them planting season to autumn. FG footwear are not to be used on artificial ground (AG) surfaces as the construction is not designed for the excess friction. FG boots used on AG surfaces will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

TURF Field

SUITABLE FOR: Sand or water-based carpet, otherwise known as Cuerpo Turf.

DESIGNED FOR: Enhanced grip, cushioning, comfort and durability.

USUALLY: A solid, soft rubber sole with a dimpled multi 'stud' or lug configuration.

Turf (also called Astro Turf) is an older, more unforgiving type of synthetic-grass surface including either sand or water-based carpet typically laid about concrete. Subsequently a harder and faster surface, footwear for use on turf (TF) usually have a cushioned midsole and a very durable, even, multi-lugged or dimpled silicone outsole because turf requires light stud penetration.

Because of the hard nature of the area and the friction it creates, zero other outsole type ought to be used on turf and will bring about considerable wear to the studs and soleplate edges and may even result in injury.

Artificial Grass Field

ONLY SUITABLE FOR: Third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) artificial grass surfaces

MADE FOR: Acceleration, comfort, enhanced traction force and durability

USUALLY: Moulded and conical, bladed or empty in shape

Artificial Grass surfaces (also known as an all-weather surface) typically consist of 3G (rubber crumb) or 4G (longer pile, combination of rubber/sand infill, more closely resembling genuine grass). Fifth generation man-made grass is yet to get widely used.

Boots made for AG are specifically designed, usually with less nylon to increase toughness for the extra abrasion linked to synthetic grass and feature considerably more numerous and densely centered studs. They may also fluctuate in height for improved extender and/or hollowed-out to reduce pounds and enhance cushioning. AG boots can also be used on solid ground (FG), though efficiency will depend on how dry and firm it is.

In Door Field

ONLY SUITABLE FOR: Sports accès, gymnasiums and indoor multi-sport arenas

DESIGNED FOR: Enhanced footing, comfort and durability

USUALLY: Level, non-marking gum rubber with slight traction pattern

Inside surfaces for small-sided game titles such as 5-a-side and Futsal are usually flat, extremely hard and unforgiving and typically contain varnished wood, linoleum or maybe a smooth, painted synthetic or composite material. For grasp, indoor outsoles (IN) are usually flat to maximise ground contact and slick in appearance with a nominal, non-aggressive traction pattern or perhaps grooves for flex also to dissipate surface moisture.

That they typically use non-marking moulded gum rubber and usually have got midsole cushioning for impact moderation and comfort. Indoor shoes or boots cannot be used on abrasive streets surfaces such as concrete or gravel as they will quickly need replacing.

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