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Adidas Predator 18+ FG combat evaluation

Posted by admin 15/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Adidas Predator 18+ FG combat evaluation


I believe many of my friends are white and red color Predator 18+ soccer shoes. To be honest, the Predator 18+ is now more compatible with footwear, easier to wear, and comfortable on the upper foot. However, if the foot is slim, it needs to be cautious. The Predator 18+ may not be suitable for the stilettos. The stability of the wearer will be lacking.


Adidas Predator 18+ FG combat evaluation


Let's talk about how we feel about this pair of shoes.


  • Upper feel

In actual combat, the Predator 18+'s upper really displayed a very good tactile feel. The thickness and softness of the upper were significantly higher than those of the previous two generations of shoelaces, Pure-control soccer shoes, and the wearing experience was almost completely different. The Predator 18+ is the right package with a light, real touch, which is arguably very good.


The strips of the Predator 18+ shoe uppers allow the natural bending of the foot to be smoother at the instep of the forefoot, while the new Forged Kint strips at the arch are used to provide more stable support.


The new Predator 18+'s collar has been enhanced in both height and material, and the fittings of the socks can be felt when trying on it, especially the wrapping and locking at the instep is perfect.


  • Outsole feel


Through practical experience, the big bottom of the Predator 18+ is superior to the previous SprintFrame outsole in terms of grip, stability and rebound support. The change in the shape of the spikes not only has a significant increase in the grip but also shows superiority in the stability of the movement. The outsole reduced the weight by using the double density material, but the supportability did not weaken, and the support and rebound response of the midsole at the time of start and force in the midfield was good.


  • Pass, stop, bring, shoot Feel


Let's talk about passing the ball first. Through the adjustment of the upper structure, the Predator 18+'s knitted upper is soft and light, and it feels better than the previous two generations without shoelace-controlled boots. Each touch has an actual reaction to the foot, which is for the intensity of passing. Control of direction and accuracy is crucial.


To pass a long pass, the first test is the player's footwork. Fortunately, the Predator 18+'s upper feels good enough to allow the player to accurately determine the position and strength of the touch ball. Another thing to mention is that although it is a fabric material upper, due to the good wrapping of the Predator 18+, this shoe is surprisingly good when it comes to forcing!


From the perspective of ball control, the Predator 18+'s uppers perform well in pass and dribbling in actual combat, which is based on the flexibility and wrapper of the uppers repeatedly mentioned in the previous article. The ease of play is also because the pair of shoes are comfortable to wear and will only play smoothly.


The Predator 18+ soccer shoes are also remarkable in terms of goal performance. From the stability of the shoes in the lowland, the rebound support of the big bottom, the wrapping of the upper when shooting, and the feel of the shoes, the feeling is still very positive. Even if there are hidden dangers in the deformation of the socks, it cannot be felt during the game.


  • Conclusion


The actual performance of the Predator 18+ has reached a new height. The wearing comfort is hardly needed, and the stable performance of the actual function of the shoes is commendable. The only thing that needs to be considered is its service life.


No shoelace design, comfortable wear, excellent combat performance, Predator's name, perfect color, cold blood Predator 18+ is currently Xiaobian think it worth the money for one of the shoes.


Adidas Predator 18+ FG combat evaluation

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