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Adidas X 17.1 FG Appreciation

Posted by admin 22/03/2018 0 Comment(s)
Adidas X 17.1 FG Appreciation
Referring to speed-type soccer shoes, the first impression that many people have made in their minds is the use of artificial shoes with super-fiber uppers and soccer cleats with a large grip. However, with the continuous development of materials and shoe technology, more and more speed-type boots have taken into consideration both speed and touch. For example, the Adidas X 17.1 FG “Dust "Storm soccer cleats brought to you today is a pair of speed-type boots that combine the speed and the touch.
Adidas X 17.1 Leather FG Appreciation
  • Exterior:
Although it belongs to the new X 17 series, the X series is full of speed and streamlined appearance, it seems there is a kind of impulse to put it on the course of running wild. Compared with the man-made ultra-fiber upper version, the toe shape of X 17.1 is more rounded and taller. For those who have a toe-up type on the big toe, such toe shaping is obviously a good news.
Adidas X 17.1 Leather FG Appreciation
  • vamp:
The use of kangaroo leather for the main contact area means that X 17.1 has a good touch. The X 17.1 kangaroo leather upper uses the now-popular built-in skeleton design. This not only makes the upper more “clean” but also prevents the rain from infiltrating the upper through the line and causing the cortex to age. In addition to the changes to the shoe upper alignment, the original Techfit midsole and integrated tongue design have been preserved.
Adidas X 17.1 Leather FG Appreciation
  • Outsole:
Because the same FG outsole as the previous X-series was used, the actual performance of the X 17.1 FG should be the same as that of the previous generation. Irregular studs have a strong grip, and the shape of the rounded nails allows them to also have a good mobility. If you use it on a well-conditioned venue, I believe you will definitely feel that your speed has improved.
Adidas X 17.1 Leather FG Appreciation
  • To sum up:
A pair of boots that can increase your speed is obviously indispensable in the game. If you retain the speed characteristics and have a better touch feeling, it will be a plus for you. Obviously, the new Adidas X 17.1 soccer cleats are the best weapons that can make you better. The new non-wire kangaroo leather upper is combined with the X-boots, which have excellent speed properties. Both fast and tactile feel can really be combined.
Adidas X 17.1 FG “Dust Storm”
Sneakers origin: China
Shoe type: speed type
Upper material: kangaroo leather, artificial fiber
Outsole type: FG (suitable for natural grass, medium and above artificial grass field)
Single weight: 230 grams (JP280 size)
Size advice: Suitable for normal feet, please try it on and buy it.

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