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Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review

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Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review


"A pair of good shoes is a good shot for soldiers. Not only is it a good guarantee for riding on the lawn, but it is also a source of confidence for the game. Morelia Neo II is my good shot."


The traditional vintage colors are more in line with the noble identity hand-crafted by the Morelia Neo II.


Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review


  • The matching shoe care oil meets the flagship of Morelia Neo II


Opening the shoe box, a peculiar leather flavor of Kangaroo skin, the Morelia Neo II kangaroo skin is only used in the front of the shoes, and the kangaroo skin is very delicate and soft. The side and heel where the accuracy of the touch ball is not required is the synthetic material of the package, which is also an inevitable choice for today's modern shoes to be lightweight. The first feeling of picking up a sneaker is that it is light. Its weight is not the same as the lightness of some other speed shoes.


Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review


  • A little half of the shoes just feels a bit tight


Xiao Bian is generally the purchase of JP275's shoes, but for some leather shoes, taking into account its scalability, generally, choose the smaller code to obtain a more compact package effect. This time is no exception, Xiao Bian chose the JP270 size shoes. When I'm on my feet, I feel a bit of pressure on my toe. But the miraculous thing is that the tight shoelace runs slightly in two steps and immediately feels no sense of crushing. Instead, it is a warm package. Can feel the kangaroo skin tight with the foot, but without a trace of oppression of the fit together.


As the running on the court, Morelia Neo II will be more fitting with its lightweight weight, I slowly realize that the shoes worn on the feet, as if my feet and it blend into one. Changing direction, accelerating, passing, and shooting do not feel the existence of shoes.


Mizuno Morelia Neo II Review


  • Higher cleat lengths cause some pressure on knees in poor quality venues


The Morelia Neo II still uses the very successful ultralight nylon outsole of the previous generation and adds a double density DFC structure at the heel to increase the strength of the heel and the arch at the outsole, thereby increasing the resistance of the shoe when running. Torsion and stability. At the same time, unlike the previous generation, the sneakers reduced the height of the shoe base and increased the effective length of the shoe studs. When the shoe was worn, the shoe studs could be inserted deeper into the venue to gain more grip. But at the same time, it also brings us a problem for amateur golfers. On the grass where the field is not ideal, this kind of stud will exert great pressure on the knee.


As a replacement product, Morelia Neo II is quite successful. The extreme sense of fit and touch let Xiao Bian find the dream of breathing. At the same time, up to 24 hours of shoe shaping and hand-built time guarantee the extraordinary quality of the Nissan Morelia Neo II. It can be said that this is a reflection of the ultimate pursuit of the quality of Japanese shoes. Whether it is actual combat or collection, it will not disappoint the players.


 Key                                                       value


Material          Forefoot kangaroo skin, side heel synthetic material


Weight                                                   180g


Sole                                     Ultralight nylon outsole (FG)


Size choice             Like the compact package choice half a yard


Comfort                                                  5 / 5


Touch                                                      5 / 5


Protection                                               3 / 5


Power                                                      4 / 5

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