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Puma one 18.3 TT evaluation

Posted by admin 04/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

PUMA ONE 18.3 has been put on the market, given the situation of most of the grass in the country, relative to the FG, AG outsole partial length of the spike.TT / TF broken outsole in the price and availability of the venue more grounded, in line with the needs of older amateur grassroots soccer fans


 The above is idle, the following is dry:

First, the foot experience:

1. Leather: PUMA ONE 18.3 round toe shape, the first half is grained leather, the touch is not very soft, compared to the legendary mystic softened calfskin and Ashley's kangaroo skin or there is still a gap, but also fairly modest.
Feeling after getting acquainted, right! Looks like, wear like, is the Nike Bomba leather version.
Personally feel that the color value of the color is acceptable, simple and small Mensao; arch and shoe body outside the wave pattern PU, can provide a certain degree of friction, the inside is the Puma LOGO, the outside is the Puma runway logo, tight waist on both sides of the waist, Wrapped feeling good.

2. tongue: fabric integrated tongue connected socks to the ankle, before and after each with a small handle, the beginning of a little tight wear off the sock is not convenient, more than a few habits just fine, enhanced ankle package sense, but also Avoid small particles into the shoes, but the high back to pay attention to.

3. Insoles: Ordinary cloth foam insoles, neither skid nor shock absorption, hair dryer heated directly tear, JP260 actual length 260mm, the bottom of the insole is the mid-level shoes common white fiberboard.

4. Followed by: the continuation of the wave pattern PU body, the bottom of the black EVA cushioning layer. Inside is a sock with one set of fabric, feel acceptable, built-in high TPU, wrapped tight (hereafter will be described in detail ...), the overall sense of good shoes support.


5. Outsole: Personally think that this pair of shoe highlights, no trace of rubber, soft and hard and medium thickness triangular broken nails, the nail side to see long in broken nail TF are in the upper, and much sought after Adidir Top Similar, slightly shorter 1mm or so.

6. Weight: Single JP260 weighs about 280g, between the Berserker 2.0TF (300g), legendary 6M TF (260g), in the broken nail medium, less weight-sensitive golfers do not need to tangle.

7. Size: a lot of friends interested in starting may be the most concerned about this point, I wear is 40.5 or JP260, size unbiased;
However, the shoe last narrowed a bit with respect to 17.3, the toe was also lowered, and the compatibility with the wide leg was inferior to that of the previous generation.

Second, the actual combat experience: (3 times under the ground: a step on the grass, a five field warm-up, a large field of 11 people, the total duration of about 2 hours)

1. Tactile feel: medium thickness ordinary cowhide, touch, and legendary genio similar personal preference leather, feel thanx and new falcon mid-melt film fabric better.

2. Force: bow ball, long inscribed within the instep, strength feedback clear, strong back instep.

3. Vibration reduction: soft and hard soles outsole, with EVA cushioning layer, enough to deal with the partial hard rotten venue.

4. Grip: Cloudy weather, University Hospital Stadium (in the grass, see figure, easily buried more than half of a dollar coin) acceptable performance, try several emergencies stops sharp, no signs of slipping. In the times (medium grass), a high school (more carpet grass particles) on the performance of remarkable grip, significantly more than the legendary 6 small round pin, almost equal to the second top of Adidas. Of course, after all, is TF, do not think about going and AG, FG than grip and start. (Subject to posting settings, only posted a sitemap.)

5. Followed by: Earlier mentioned after the package tight, personally think that is both advantages and disadvantages can be overcome, my right heel wrapped very comfortable, but when trying to wriggle the ankle felt, the left heel with a slight pressure on the outside, With my actual combat more than 60 pairs of shoe experience, in all likelihood will mill followed. Sure enough, for the first time running for ten minutes, a little red left heel. After returning home, once again please artifact hair dryer (see also my message: a pair of shoe mill followed by the recipe). My practice this time is: wear thick socks and shoes, use a hair dryer close to the heel, blowing to the heel feel slightly ironed (be careful not to burn), heel and forefoot was used to twist the ankle, so that shoes With the TPU as much as possible to adapt to the shape of the heel. After cooling, repeated two or three times, followed by a clear sense of oppression, does not affect the sense of parcel. To be on the safe side, once again under actual combat, posted in the heel with an intramuscular effect, really effective, I believe that playing twice, this problem is solved.

Third, the overall evaluation:

Quite a pair of mid-end leather broken nails, moderate touch, shock absorption, hair force, better grip.
PS: Vibration reduction can be further strengthened by changing the insole, hair force depends on the basic skills, but also to some extent, by the sense of shoe body wrap and outsole hardness.
As for the package varies from person to person, I personally think that for D and E-foot type may be good, 2E wide feet recommended to choose half the code, Tu Long feet, obviously high instep and toes upturned carefully 18.3, you can choose 17.3.
Expected over a period of price will be generally dropped to 300-400 range, after all, a good cost-effective combat shoes.

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