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PUMA new series PUMA ONE evaluation

Posted by admin 05/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

PUMA new series PUMA ONE evaluation


At the beginning of the summer, PUMA released a new soccer shoe called PUMA ONE. During the design process, it also consulted with Gleitzman and Henry's suggestion and took full advantage of it. As a combination of Evotouch and Evospeed series, the new series PUMA ONE, like its name, is a new attempt, a new beginning. This new idea, first of all, most directly from the appearance of the show.

The moment I first saw the shoes, really make me shines. Orange outsole, white shoe body, black collar, hue and a new high-top design style as a "dang" I impeccable, PUMA Yan value really on the line!


Yan value of the value of color, good shoes has gotten to know. PUMA ONE wearing a very good experience, Evoknit collar provides a soft enough compact package, the width of the appropriate arch foot section, a long time and no sore feet, toe space enough for the wide-brimmed buddies is Gospel, The overall length may be slightly larger than half yards, but PUMA is also very nice gift of a pair of insoles.
This pair of PUMA ONE on the absolute comfort of all the shoes I am among the best through the new high-top design is said to be from Gutzman and Henry's proposal, and surely experience a rise of one level. However, I feel more inclined to help, just covered half the ankle position, limited protection, but to ensure maximum flexibility.


Material and combat


As a combination of two series, PUMA in the material each took two series of advantages. First of all, we are very concerned about the upper material, PUMA ONE softened calfskin, although many people wonder why there is no use of kangaroo skin, in my personal experience, softened calf on the point of the touch is Very precise and unique, stop the ball submersible cushion can feel, can be described as an upgraded version of touch, but such a soft material in high-intensity collision wear remains to be seen.



Abandoned streamlined shoe body design, ONE can only speed series features are applied to the soles, ultra-light Pebax outsole, before and after the redesigned knives nail, these are essential elements of the speed-type boots, shoe soles bend Toughness feedback also guarantees sprint and turnaround benefits when dribbling.


All in all, I think ONE prefers to touch the upgraded version plus some speed features, but just as modern players gradually diversify features, all-around boots should be one of the future trends. This double value and innovative PUMA ONE is definitely a valuable attempt, both for PUMA fans or we are concerned.

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