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Leather version of soccer shoes - the traditional non-conservative

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For a long time, an indispensable step in the process of leather soccer shoes is to go up the line and achieve the shaping effect through different styles of upper sutures, at the same time ensure that the cortex will not be over-stretched due to the pressure of both feet. To a certain extent, Extend the life of shoes. However, the actual combat experience tells us that, even with the presence of the upper alignment, the leather soccer shoes will still be "opened" after being used for a period of time, and the sneaker's wrapping and conformability will drop greatly. A professional player who has interviewed said that leather-type soccer shoes are really comfortable to wear, but durability is not ideal for professional players who use shoes frequently and have adequate foot strength. In addition, there is a risk of the needle eye infiltrating the rain and dirt after the future.


So how to effectively shape the natural leather of the soccer shoe upper touching area? In the vamp interior design of the built-in support, the framework has become the mainstream design of the past two years. From the legendary 6 generations of Nike to the Ace 17.1 leather version of Adidas to the Rebula V1 of Mizuno and the DS LIGHT 3 recently released by ASICS, no matter if it is a classic series or a newborn's shoes, kangaroo leather upper is built with "bone" To replace the alignment. After joining the modern technology effect? First of all, the upper is cleaner, the shape of the shoe is no longer the upper trace of the line; followed by the upper extension becomes natural and not over, wearing comfort, will not be as before the need to run a few games, After running well lasting will not be too long; again, the built-in "skeleton" is mostly made of FOAM foam material, has some flexibility, will also appear in the upper three-dimensional shape, the design of the ball, touch the ball and Force will have a direct impact. Is there any more effect? After the other guys tried to tell me later!



So what are the current "modern" natural leather boots on the football equipment market? Here's a list of these worth a try:




  • ASICS DS LIGHT 3 soccer shoes


ASICS DS LIGHT 3 soccer shoes is the protagonist of yesterday's and today's new Appreciation, as a long history of combat boots, ASICS dare to use to break the traditional design also shows the kangaroo leather upper implant foam support skeleton practicality of this technology. At the same time, recommend this paragraph because of its shoes because of its adaptability to the Asian foot, sneakers outsole can be used in the artificial turf stadium. In addition, its sale price is only 790 yuan, cost-effective.




ONE series of soccer shoes launched six months after the introduction of PUMA ONE 18.1 soccer shoes did not change much, one of the few parts to be adjusted is the upper alignment. A new generation of PUMA ONE in kangaroo skin material also implanted foam skeleton support, it seems that the Germans also agree with this shoe technology. After adjustment PUMA ONE 18.1 forefoot touch the ball area is indeed more spacious and comfortable than the 17.1, running time greatly reduced.




The Ace Series, which is now in the lead, has also introduced a leather-free version of the shoe-free soccer shoes, Ace Ace 17.1 Lth boots that players are very popular. In the 16/17 season in addition to a few wearing Pure-control big, it seems that most of the Ace Series endorsement player's first choice is Ace 17.1 Lth, showing the superiority of its performance. Now Ace 17.1 Lth soccer shoes the rest of the size and color is running out, start to be as early as possible!




In addition to Ace 17.1 Lth soccer shoes, Adidas's current series of combat boots Copa 18 is also the main track-free kangaroo leather upper material. Like PUMA ONE, Adidas Copa 18 series is the last generation of the upper alignment removed, replaced by obvious and sexy built-in support bones, and further increase the scientific content of this traditional series. Has been released for some time, although there is no endorsement of professional players, but through the partners are good, this is the reason for the recommendation!




From the legendary 6 generations to the legendary 7 generation, Nike kangaroo leather uppers built-in support series to further upgrade. In the latest legendary 7 generation soccer shoe vamp, Nike in addition to using a large area of the built-in foam support, but also joined the more sense of technology Fitmesh to lock the feet, the use of multiple techniques to ensure that no alignment of the upper Can play the best effect. Of course, in addition to the upper, the legendary 7 generation is also recommended because of the use of Flyknit material, better fit feet, wearing more comfortable and lightweight. Anyway, Xiaobian did not think of the reasons for rejecting the legendary 7 generations.



  • Mizuno Rebula V2 AG soccer shoes


The Mizuno Nebula series, launched last summer, is also one of the best word-of-mouth models, and CT Frame's uppers are just one of the great touches of comfort and comfort. The new Control Frame bones in the uppers are made of memory foam and instantly increase the ball touch by 39.9% when compared to normal shoes, effectively reducing the feel of the ball. Coupled with the removal of the kangaroo skin, Accurately control the ball.


And here recommended Rebula V2 AG most of the soccer shoes upper leather material, the main ball touch area or the same version with the same high-end version of the kangaroo skin. CT Frame technology is also used in this high-end products, from the touch, Nebula V2 AG does not lose high-end products. In addition, Rebula V2 AG soccer shoes equipped with "special for China" AG Outstanding reputation, the current market to compete with the AG outsole is rare.


Genuine leather soccer shoes upright alignment or not good alignment? Built-in bones, in the end, have not played a design draft effect? "Hyundai" Kangaroo leather boots upper durability than it used to be? These questions are left to the little friends to try these shoes later to answer it!

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