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Puma one 18.3 TT Reviews

Posted by admin 08/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

PUMA ONE 18 has been put on the market, given the vast majority of people in the country, compared to FG, AG outsole long nails.
The TT/TF broken nail outsole is more grounded in price and site suitability and is in line with the needs of older amateur grassroots football fans (35 years old).
As it is new and approaching the Spring Festival, it is inconvenient to return and exchange, and it is more tangled up on the size issue, asking several more.
Here, thanks to the patience of the PUMA brothers, volleyball pandas, and hard-goods football players, I wish you a prosperous year!
The above is idle, the following are dry goods:
The static evaluation EZ and the home page next door are already there, so we will not go into details.
First, the upper foot experience:

1. Leather: Toe shape is sleek, the first half is grain leather, the touch is not very soft, compared to the legendary mystic soft calfskin and Ashley's kangaroo skin, there is still a gap, but it is still moderate.
Feeling familiar with the feet, right! Looks like it is like wearing a Nike Bomba leather version.
Personally think that the color value is acceptable, simple and small Mensao; arch and the outside of the body is a wave pattern PU, can provide a certain degree of friction, the inside is the Jaguar LOGO, the outside is the Hummer runway sign, both sides close waist tight The feeling of wrapping is good.



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